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Day 124: Longevity

Violetta’s family had a long history. Yes, they were immigrants. Yes, they were Italian. Yes, those two things combined to make the family’s history long, rich, and sacred, passed down from generation to generation. But that was only part of the story. The rest of the story was that almost everyone in Violetta’s family lived… Continue reading Day 124: Longevity

366 Days of Writing · Original Posts · Violetta's Story

Day 82: Matriarchs Meet

Violetta answered the phone cheerfully, anticipating a pleasant conversation with her enthusiastic niece. Her niece was effervescent, certainly, ¬†but she was visiting other members of the family Violetta hadn’t seen or spoken to in years. “Do you want to say hello? I’ll pass you around,” her niece suggested. “I’d like to say hello,” Violetta decided.… Continue reading Day 82: Matriarchs Meet

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Day 69: Frantic

The adrenaline rush that comes from opening your eyes, slowly, naturally- before realizing the alarm never went off and you’re an hour late for your life- is like restarting your heart. Everything is frantic, quick and sharp and panicked. The sheets feel confining, picking clothes is overwhelming, breakfast becomes optional. You’re running a hand through… Continue reading Day 69: Frantic