My Music

My Philosophy On Music:

As my most dedicated readers know, I listen to a TON of music. Every Saturday I write a short story based on song lyrics, and I listen to music while reading, doing homework, writing, and doing practically everything else in my life. (Read the stories I write under the tag song lyric piece).

I believe music is just as important a vehicle for words and the powerful messages they contain as traditional written work. I am, unfortunately, not talented in this kind of expression. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not important! Visit me here on 8tracks to see playlists I’ve listened to recently.


It is my goal to create public YouTube playlists for my reading and writing, including a playlist of all the songs I’ve used for Saturday writings, but the timeframe is unclear, at this point. When it arrives, it’ll be up here, and I’ll introduce it in a new post.