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April Wrap-Up (Day 127)

So… April was my worst month yet. I’m very upset about the fact that I was constantly behind. I am actually writing this a week late, but I’ll backdate it so you can’t tell.

In April, I participated in the A to Z Challenge, hosted over here. Basically, every day in April I wrote a post based on the letter for that day (Sundays were exempt). I think the stress of combining the letters and my own categories is honestly what caused my blogging slump. When I finally started getting caught up, I posted about this realization and resolved to only write one post for each day, regardless of what that happens to be. As a result, my categories are going to become even looser than they already are to accommodate book reviews, tags, and other posts in addition to my creative work. I’ve just realized what my limits are, and now I just have to be careful to not exceed them.

I also recently finalized my plans for the summer, which involve me and my laptop being parted for five weeks. Obviously, I will be MAJORLY behind when I return from my 5 week adventure, but I do plan to write posts every day (on paper, obviously) and then I’ll simply type them up and post when I return, so I should get caught up a lot faster. But that’s a while off yet! My April posts are categorized by type below. If you’re new, this post will explain my general premise, and this post will update you on my plans. Also, check out what I did in January, February, and March!

Monday: 50 Words or Less


Ice Cream



Tuesday: Violetta’s Story





Wednesday: Description

Elevator Music



Thursday: Discussions/Free Day



Recovery: The Importance of Book Hangovers

Xenia (This is actually a poem. X was hard, okay??)

Friday: Reflections (The alphabet theme made this difficult)

Announcement (Week 13 Summary)

Goals (Week 14 Summary)

Saturday: Song-Inspired Short Stories

Better World

Hallelujah (My 100th Post! Also, one of my all-time favorites.)

No Place Like Home

Turning Tables


Sunday: Poetry





(Xenia and Yellow are also poems, but they were not posted on a Sunday)


The A to Z Challenge made me compromise, and things got posted on days they weren’t right for.

Springtime Stormy Sunset


Book Reviews:

Okay, this list is pathetic. I have SO MANY MORE BOOKS TO REVIEW. In April, I reviewed:

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness- 4/5 stars, Important Book

Wink Poppy Midnight by Genevieve April Tucholke-  4/5 Stars (Quirky Reader’s Club Pick)

But I should have also reviewed:

The Stranger by Albert Camus

The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski

In rereads, I reread Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater in preparation for The Raven King! Also, I read like three other books too, but I read them simultaneously and didn’t finish until literally four hours before the end of April, so they’ll be legit May reviews. Should I backdate the other two April reviews? I think I’m going to, otherwise May will be too full.

April was a pretty cool month, but it just took forever to post it. Maybe May will be better? (Though, I’m writing this on the 11th, so it’s not looking good.)


How was your April?







2 thoughts on “April Wrap-Up (Day 127)

  1. Hmmm… Tiring. My April was tiring. I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo (a challenge in which I completed about 1.5 novelettes) then turned right around and had company over for a week which was fun and I really enjoyed it but we were still busy. It was a good month though! 😀 Because I participated in Camp NaNo, I can probably finish the second book of my series (Stories of Space Port) before next school year.

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