366 Days of Writing · Original Posts · Short Stories

Day 126: Rhythm

Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum. Shshshshshshsh.

She thought the incessant hum of the railroad tracks would never go away. She could feel it in her breastbone- the throbbingly heavy vibrations of the steel wheels against the steel wheels thrilled through her ribs. The clattering was loud and annoying. It brought her back to herself, reminding her of where she was and what she was doing. Neither of which were pleasant. It was also familiar. Comforting. A reminder that, when her world was blown to bits (whenever that was, for she couldn’t quite tell if it had already happened or if she was steering herself to the no less inevitable collapse), that some small pieces would continue. Not that she had had anything to do with the train. But still, it had been there, when what she could do had swirled apart.

Knowing that rhythm would exist without her was all that got her through the end.


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