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Day 105: Limits

Limits. We all have them. Limits on our time, our passions, our efforts. I found my limits this month.

I’ve been playing catch-up since mid-March, and about two weeks ago I just stopped trying. I had too many posts to write and too much other stuff to do in my life. Blogging became an exhausting backseat priority, and honestly, it’s been difficult to return. I do want to, though. I don’t want to leave you hanging. I don’t want to back out of this promise I made to myself. However, I need more balance. So, not every day will be original writing now. Book reviews will fill the daily requirement on whatever day I finish them (and I have 5 to write!) I’m going to be more forgiving, and more regular, and above all- work to not be burned out. I think I’ll be much happier when I do.

Has anybody else found their limits? Tell me about it!


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