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Day 99: Goals (Week 14 Summary)

I talked about the many failures of this week in yesterday’s post, and I’ve no wish to dwell on them, so I’ll just leave that alone. What I want to talk about today are my goals for the future and for this blog.

The purpose and content of this blog has really changed since Day 1, and here we are, 99 days complete. I’m amazed and grateful for the response I’ve received for a website that was only initially intended to make me write something down every day. Sundays have become definite poetry days, which was not part of the original plan. I don’t even know what Wednesday is anymore, how I could classify that kind of writing. I don’t intend to stop doing it, because those are often some of the funnest pieces to write- so light, airy, and expectation-less. However, as I discussed last week (in what may have been my favorite piece of all time), that kind of writing can only help me as I move to write longer works in need of more flowery description and symbols.  As of next week, Thursday will become an essay of some kind on a topic that’s been important to me. Both last week’s post and yesterday’s focused in that direction and really helped me to understand myself and my future.

Because of all of these changes, I’ve tried to boil down to three facts and three goals about me and my writerly self:


  1. I am a very flowery, description oriented writer. It will always be easier for me to write about items, places, and ideas than about people. (Dialogue? *violent shudders*)
  2. I am a complete contradiction. I’m a perfectionist, but I hate re-reading my writing, because then I hate it. Invariably.
  3. I (somehow?) want, more than anything, to create the kind of wonder I feel when I read for somebody else in a book of my own.


  1. Work on characters. What makes people tick? How do they talk? How does having one habit affect every other aspect of a person’s life? How do you start a character in a place where they can grow but you don’t hate them/
  2. Accept my own methods. Learn to let go, and learn to write a full, complete draft. Learn that mistakes are okay in first attempts. Or third attempts. Or attempt #10. #27?
  3. Make the time to achieve my dream. I don’t know what this means for my blogging. As I said yesterday, it’s bad for me as a writer and reader to be gone for too long, but with all my other obligations, I’m not sure how to fit in more writing. This is a fun problem to have, actually. My story is patient, more than I would be in its place, and that’s wonderful.

When I figure out where I’m going to go with all of this, I’ll be sure to let everybody know. In the meantime, I’ll try to keep the meta posts to a minimum. I know it’s been kinda heavy recently.

In other news, my book club picked The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey to read this month! I’m super excited to start this one because it’s received so much attention, and I’d just never gotten to it. Also, there’s a new blogger on the scene I want everyone to meet! Bones just started posting on her blog Unbroken Bones. I highly recommend that everyone goes and checks out her blog, because it’s awesome, and you won’t regret it.

Now it’s your turn? Any new bloggers we should pay attention to? New books? Has anyone arrived at a turning point in their writing journeys? Tell me about it below!


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