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Day 96: Dancing

New Year’s, once again, and Violetta and Agnes were ready. Food, music, drinks- Gaetano and Giana had helped them supply all.

“Champagne! You must have champagne, of course,” her mother had said, as Violetta was mixing antipasto and Agnes was baking hors d’oeuvres. She bustled to the icebox for alcohol, while Violetta’s father disappeared to get a bottle opener.

Agnes dusted off her hands and grinned at Violetta. “Never thought they’d be this into it,” she commented.

Violetta only laughed.

At 8 o’clock, the girls began kissing cheeks as friends arrived, alcohol and records in tow. The basement turn table was already busy- everybody wanted to be the deejay. The friends ate, and drank, and danced, just one generation too late for that, and the New Year rang in with the laughter of the deliriously dancing.


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