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Day 82: Matriarchs Meet

Violetta answered the phone cheerfully, anticipating a pleasant conversation with her enthusiastic niece. Her niece was effervescent, certainly,  but she was visiting other members of the family Violetta hadn’t seen or spoken to in years.

“Do you want to say hello? I’ll pass you around,” her niece suggested.

“I’d like to say hello,” Violetta decided.

“Alright! Here she is!”

“Hello, Violetta,” a new voice said.

“Hello, Dora,” Violetta responded. “It’s been a long time.”

“It certainly has,” the other woman answered. Pleasantries were exchanged, but every word was a new memory Violetta swallowed down. She and Dora had been rivals- Dora was a close family friend, close enough to be part of the family, and her personality was just as forceful and responsible as Violetta’s. Two sides of the same coin, most said. There was never open warfare, but they were always circling. It was the Cold War of the family, and there was no telling who had won. Dora was married, but Violetta had stayed in New York City.

Did it really matter?  Violetta considered a moment, but she knew that it didn’t. They were all that was left of the old times, and that was more precious. Besides, Violetta hadn’t exercised her famous influence or sharp tongue in decades, and she was out of practice.

At least, that was what she told herself as she enjoyed Dora’s conversation. She hadn’t mellowed with age. Not at all.


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