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Day 64: Week 9 Progress

Well, here’s another week gone! The new features still aren’t ready, because my life is crazy, but I did post some stuff I’m really proud of, especially yesterday’s story. I’ve gotten a bunch of new books, so hopefully there’ll be more reviews coming too! I didn’t write any on my novel this week, but I listened a few interviews with Sarah J Maas, who is super-inspiring, because she started writing at the point where I am right now in my life, and I’ve found new motivation to write, so hopefully once my life calms down I’ll be able to buckle down to my story.

Who has really inspired you guys to read and write? What kinds of stories do you prefer? How’s your reading and writing going? Tell me below!


3 thoughts on “Day 64: Week 9 Progress

  1. I ADORE SARAH J MAAS! I am currently working on my first WIP and it is a lot of fun. I’m not as far as I would like, but I have been developing my characters a lot.

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