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Day 49: Heels

Heels are empowering. There’s something so satisfying about their click across the floor, the way people look up, the words: “You’re so tall today!”

Heels make others uncomfortable, sometimes. They remind people forcibly of a girl’s presence and her professionalism. Her existence in a room is powerful.

Heels make a girl aware of her posture, aware of the grace and elegance even her smallest motion can convey. A girl must be sure she can walk, though, that she is portraying grace and elegance, not clumsiness. People pity a girl who trips in her heels. It shatters the image of the untouchable woman who can do everything and wear shoes that make stairs a test of patience and bending down a strategic maneuver.

Heels come in every color- black to red to nude and in between. They come in every style, from docile pumps to thigh-high heeled boots. Heels come in every height- a kitten to a stiletto. There are heels for every occasion and every personality. Heels aren’t required, but when a girl slides her feet into her favorite pair, a pair that doesn’t pinch, that fits her like an hand-tailored suit, she is magnified.

Heels are just plain fun. Such power should be used sparingly, don’t you think?


Do you love heels, or hate them? Have a favorite pair of heels? Tell me about them! 


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