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Day 45: Love Poetry

This is not a love poem

-well, not exactly.


You see, these words are not for now.

Not for today,

probably not for tomorrow either.


They are for that distant day

-at least, it feels distant-

where I hope that love will be.


When that day comes,

there will be words of love.

But words of love can’t be generic.

That’s not love,

it’s a memorized script.


So this is a promise, not a poem

for my distant love.

One day there will be a poem.


Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!


7 thoughts on “Day 45: Love Poetry

  1. I LOVE the last stanza, Katherine. That is a brilliant take on love: to have patience for something and someone so special and unique as to be worthy of a (beautiful) poem reflecting that special relationship, and for the poem to be worthy of such a love. There is such simple direct strength in that last line that the reader just Knows that the poem will be beautiful, and both the love and the poem worth waiting for.
    ~ Peri

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