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Day 42: Bottled

Can a feeling be bottled? Can you store the essence of a moment, keep that quiet joy on a shelf to be pulled out and experienced again? Some moments feel immortal- a rare few, precious and fleeting. Can we stop them from receding? When your favorite song is on, when you’re dancing and laughing, when you feel infinite, don’t you wish you could press pause? You know the music will stop and the spell will be broken. Can you put a stopper in that contentment? Let it ferment like a fine wine? Let the music go on forever? It’s like asking if you could ever read your favorite book for the first time again- experience the joy and pain all fresh again, feel that infinite moment after the final page has been turned and you lay sprawled out, book on your chest, basking in the wonder of a few words. Like reliving your first kiss, or your proudest moment. The time you cried with happiness. The times you felt your heart would burst from feeling so much. Is there ever a way to make it the same? Quiet moments would be even harder. How do you capture the peace of the camaraderie a few friends find together in a few quiet minutes of a hectic day? The slight, exhausted happiness when a team has done a job well and sit down for a little respite? Is it possible? Can you bottle the pleasure of simply sitting in the company of friends? If I knew the answer, I’d be the happiest girl on the planet. Can a heart take that much joy without combusting? Maybe that’s why we can’t bottle our moments. Imagine the storehouse each and every one of us would amass- beauty and pain all wrapped into an exquisite package. If the elixir of my feelings, my joy, my pain, my heart, my success, could be boiled down into a beaker, I think one sip might kill me. Would yours kill you?


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