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Day 38: Ode to the Super Bowl

You are our most important-

yet unofficial-

national holiday.


You cause parties.


burgers and wings and barbecue and ribs

(which, really, should only be summer foods)

and chips and dip

with elaborate cakes and treats.


You cause anger and joy

in equal measure.

Fans scream at the TV

for different reasons-

pain and exhilaration

in the same sound.


extolled and excoriated

in the same breath.


You are a unique day in our nation.

You bring our nation together

as the enthusiastic, sports loving, energetic

people that Americans are.

Our nation, the good and the bad,

is encapsulated in this day.


Tomorrow will be painful, sure.

Hangovers, depression, extreme tiredness.

Potentially, the least productive day all year.

But tonight, for the Super Bowl, for you,

we cheer.

And we won’t regret it.


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