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Day 37: Look in the Stars

“If you’re lost, just look for me

You’ll find me in the region of the summer stars”

-“Walking in the Wind” by One Direction

Eli presses her hand into his; Kenna’s eyes are filled to the brim with tears.

“Don’t do this, I beg you. I don’t want this, I’m not worth it! Let me do it.”

Even contemplating her making the sacrifice instead of Eli himself tears him apart. She must see that in his eyes, Kenna knows him too well, but she is openly crying, and Eli knows she hates that more than almost anything else. It is tearing her apart too, the awfulness of their fates. What is worse is the inevitable nature of this ending. They were fated to love, but they were also fated to lose it all.

“I’ll be right there,” he says, and he has no idea how he’s holding it together, but his voice is only quivering a little. He points to the stars, unmerciful glittering lights in the midnight blue of the sky above. Kenna’s grip is desperate now, as if by holding him tightly, she will prevent the immolation to come.

“That’s not the same!” she cries, and stamps her foot. Eli can’t even muster up an ironic comment.

“Goodbye,” he says simply, for a broken heart cannot manage anything more, and his is the most broken heart of all. He jerks away, breaking her hold suddenly, and Kenna gasps, as if all the oxygen has been sucked from her body with him. Eli snaps his fingers; the familiar, friendly flames flicker on his fingertips, but they now are his death, not his life. They are Kenna’s life, though. It is the only way.

Kenna is still staring at him with glassy eyes. He had begged her not to watch, but she insisted. Now, this is harder. Tears slide down his face unceasingly, but Eli snaps for the last time.

Kenna screams; she cannot help herself. Her one true love has been engulfed in flame. The magic swirls around her, and for the first time, she hates it. Eli’s body turns to ash in an instant, but she sees the last ghost of a sad smile on his face in that instant, the longest of her life. The ashes pile neatly on the grass. Kenna buries her face in her hands and kneels, unable to support herself. The pile of Eli’s ashes, the last of his matter on the Earth, shifts, as if blown by a breeze, then streams into the sky in an almost orderly fashion. It is flung up until it seems to hit the ceiling of the world, where it hangs in the sky, glittering. Ashes have become stars, and they glow and form an eye. Kenna lowers her hands slowly, tears frozen on cheeks, choking on her sobs. The eye of stars, Eli’s eye, seems to wink once in twinkling lights, before becoming just another constellation.

“Thank you,” she breathes, and the wind rustles an answer through her hair.



4 thoughts on “Day 37: Look in the Stars

  1. First of all, I like that you sometimes use song lyrics as your prompt for several reasons not least of which is that I love music and often lose myself in it. Second, this is possibly my favorite of all you have yet written. It is sad and tragic yet beautiful, and it is written with strength and delicacy both. It is fantasy yet believable within that realm. I love some of the imagery, such as: “The ashes pile neatly on the grass” and phrasing and language: “… it seems to hit the ceiling of the world,” “the wind rustles an answer” and “unmerciful glittering lights in the midnight blue of the sky above.” There’s poetry throughout. Very Well Done!
    (In an edit, I’d check the pronouns in line two of your first full paragraph: “She must see it in her eyes…” and in the final long paragraph, check word choice of “instance.” I’d probably choose “instant”- meaning: “in that (moment), the longest of her life.” There may be a couple of other things, but these are small and I pass the aforementioned on as you are a perfectionist and this bit of writing is getting close : ) Please feel free to ignore, of course, and also to delete this last paragraph after reading my two cents.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG, thank you so much! This is actually one of my favorite pieces that I’ve done yet, so I’m glad to see that somebody else likes it! You give such excellent constructive criticism; I’ll certainly look at it! Your comment made me think of the song “Sad Beautiful Tragic” by Taylor Swift 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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