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Day 36: Week 5 Summary

Happy Friday and happy February, everyone!

I’ve had a very introspective week, where I’ve done a lot of thinking about why I write what I write and why some of my writing is so similar. I’ve noticed that I’m avoiding narrative stories on here, with the exception of my weekly installments about Violetta, and I’m honestly not sure why that is. I’ve also never named any characters for anything else, and every single one has been female. I’m now going to make a conscious effort to not do either of those things anymore, so please, point them out to me in the comments if you notice me falling into these or any other patterns! The goal of this blog is to improve all aspects of my writing, not just the ones I like. On some days, other time commitments are the reason for the flash fiction like stories, but even on days when I have time they’re not long, and they feel formulaic. I have a book called 642 Things to Write About which I think I’m going to start using to give me ideas for narratives. I don’t feel blocked, exactly, but little stories aren’t coming to me. I also didn’t get any work done on my novel, other than questioning my own ability to write it, so that has been frustrating!

I’m sorry there haven’t been any book reviews this week; I’ve been really busy with school. Those seem to be my most popular posts! A review for The Dream Thieves is coming, as is one for The Night Circus, which I’m almost done with. Would anybody be interested in a review of a poetry collection I’m reading for my IB English class?

Please chime in below and tell me about your week, your writing journey, or a new book! I’d love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “Day 36: Week 5 Summary

  1. Hi Katherine. Likely you’ve just taken a bit of break from your novel, which would be understandable after all of your reading and writing, including book reviews; sometimes one does need to refresh and regroup. But, you were happy with the trajectory of your novel and I think have it more or less plotted (allowing for veering here and there if a character … veers) and that is such a tough part, so I hope you’ll battle through the other times when it is plodding and challenging. Writing is sometimes very hard work, for me at least. Other times, words spill. Keep on, no matter : )
    I for one would like to hear which poetry collection you’re reading, if you like it, but you can add that onto a post or even here if busy or if it doesn’t warrant its own space.
    Have a happy weekend, out in this beautiful world.
    ~ Peri

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    1. Thank you! I really appreciate such kind words! It’s not having time to write, I think, that’s frustrating me most, along with my own perfectionism with my writing. I’ll put the poetry collection up on my Currently Reading Page and review it when we’re done!

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