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Day 33: Statuesque, Pt 2

statue of liberty

Here’s Part 1, if you need a refresher!

The day of the visit dawned brightly. Adrianna was practically bursting with excitement, Agnes was quietly delighted, and even Violetta was secretly thrilled and proud of her father. Liberty Island appeared out of the fog as they stood huddled together on the deck of the ferry. Violetta held the picnic basket, while Adrianna was determinedly lugging her new camera. Violetta raised her eyebrow at Agnes as Adrianna readjusted her grip on it yet again; the returning twinkle in Agnes’s eye suggested she knew just as well as Violetta who would be carrying that camera by the day’s end.

Gaetano stepped off the ferry first to greet the foreman and introduce the girls. Violetta gazed up starry-eyed at the star-shaped stone platform from which the statue rose. The morning flew by as Violetta and her sisters wandered dazedly about the complex for a truly behind-the-scenes look. Violetta and Agnes were soon enraptured by the historical facets of the place and spent several hours milling about.

When Violetta got hungry enough to pause in her tour for the picnic and looked for her sisters, her stomach flipped from hunger to panic.

“Agnes, where is Adrianna?”

Agnes looked up from the plaque she was reading. “Oh, she’s…She was right behind me,” Agnes said, worried.

“We’d better look for her.”

Violetta and Agnes split up, frantically scouring every back corner and cranny of the island for their sister with no luck. Eventually, Violetta bumped into her father.

“Violetta, where are you going?” he asked when he saw her burst into a sprint across an empty stretch of pavers.

“We can’t find Adrianna,” she replied, panting.

Now everyone looked. Over two hours they all spent looking all over the island, until even the site foreman had no idea where Adrianna could have disappeared to. Violetta had just sat down, dejected, at the base of the stairs to the final platform when she heard light footsteps behind her.

“Violetta,” Adrianna called excitedly. “The view from the statue is so beautiful! You should have come up with me. I took pictures!” She brandished the camera.

“Adrianna!” Violetta shouted, out of relief and anger. “You’ve had us all worried sick! Don’t ever do that again without telling somebody, okay?” She crushed her sister, camera and all, into a hug. When everybody else arrived, they were too relieved to really be angry, but the story terrified the girls’ mother when it was told that evening at the dinner table, and Adrianna was not allowed back to Liberty Island.

Her pictures more than made up for it though. When she had them developed, they were spectacular.

Cover image found here.


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