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Day 24: Before, During, & After: Snowspell


Clouds were low

sky was heavy

the very air itself

held baited breath.

Whispers, hushed.

It’s funny how sometimes even

words themselves are afraid to



When it started,

joy. A jolt, excitement,

hope beginning to be fulfilled.

The first fat flakes are gorgeous.

She stands in them and spins,

around and around with childlike

glee. She thinks she could

stare for hours,

window glass a portal to

the most beautiful world.


There is purity- as it snows,

afternoon fading into evening.

Fat flakes fall peacefully,

and the winds swirl them.

They are silent children,

dancing, beautifying all

by simply being.

The white wraps the world up,

a cold embrace between lovers.


Their tryst is two days and two nights.

She wakes, the third morning, to sun.

Gone are the serene clouds, but their

boisterous cousin gleams.

The white blanket is a lance,

piercing, seeing too much, not

calming her heart, her mind, her soul,

but attacking.


She has always loved the snow.

Before, when the thought of snow quickens the pulse.

During, when the world is asleep, content, calm, beautiful.

But not After.

Not when white seems dirty instead of clean,

not when reality intrudes, and the sun breaks

the spell of the snow.


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