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Day 20: Anticipation

So, not really a description so much, but I was inspired

They all knew it was coming. One prediction was printed in the newspaper, another announced by the local radio station, a third predicted by the Weather Channel on TV, a fourth by models on the Internet. It was still coming, though. Thick globs of snow, mountains of flakes, floating down from the sky in what could amount to a blizzard. They went to class, and whispered in the hallway: “How much? Do you think we’ll get off?” Homework seemed less obligatory to the students as they sat in class, staring out the window thinking about the great fat flakes that would soon be coming down from the sky to dust their world with white. Sometimes, the anticipation was better, better than this, the first snowfall of the year.


11 thoughts on “Day 20: Anticipation

  1. Hi Katherine! This could actually be a part of your Violetta and Agnes series, maybe absent the “globs (and) mountains… floating down,” which bring to mind “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” … so I think you could go either way with it, if you ever wanted to use or expand it, depending on word choice and then direction. I hope your book is going well this week! ~ Peri

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    1. Aw thanks! Great suggestion; I’ll seriously consider it. This week hasn’t been as good as last week because my schoolwork interfered, but it’s progressing. I have a great installment for Agnes and Violetta lined up next week, introducing a new character.

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      1. Unfortunately – or Fortunately! – there is no limit on the number of drafts or amount of revisions. Keep working until it is done (or so I tell myself : ) You’re getting there!

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      2. Aw thanks! I keep telling myself that too, hence this blog. It really helps me to write on here, because I can see snippets of feedback and feel accountable. The third time’s the charm, right? I’m sure you’ll get there too!

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