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Day 17: An Announcement and a Few Words

So, I’ve decided that plot-driven writing tends to be long and awful, and I have no idea how to write it for this blog. Sunday will now be poetry on a permanent basis. However, I will continue to talk about my plot struggles. This week, they haven’t really existed, as I got several thousand words of my novel written and have a much better idea of where the plot is going. I still think my characters will probably screw with it, but that’s good, because that means it’s growing organically in a believable way, not just based on what I want to happen, or think would be cool. Anybody have any thoughts on plotting they want to share?

With that bit of jargon over with, onto the poetry:


Why is silence sometimes

Worse than the loudest


And, why does screaming


Seem so useless?

If our emotions are

Trapped, regardless

Why does it matter?

Rules make



I think.

Do I?



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