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Day 15: Week 2 Progress

Well, here we are! I’ve successfully worked on this project for two whole weeks and I haven’t missed a day yet! Honestly, I love doing this. I love writing these short pieces (they’re so stress-free, it’s lovely) and hearing your thoughts, and seeing the work of other bloggers is so incredible. I feel like my writing and my motivation to write have both increased already!

I did make progress on my novel this week (almost 2,000 words of progress, yay!), thanks to my dear friend, who let me babble at her about my story and then offered some really great advice which I have since taken to heart. I feel like I’m now in a place where there is enough plot to keep me driving forward, when previously I was locked in complicated backstory.

How is everyone doing on their projects? I’ve seen some incredible posts this week, about some incredible writers, and I’d love to hear about your journeys! Just drop me a line below. Happy Writing, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Day 15: Week 2 Progress

  1. It’s wonderful to hear that your novel is progressing! It must feel great to be rolling along with the plot pretty much in place, and to be pleased with its trajectory. Congrats on all that!

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    1. Thanks! I have a general idea of where I want it to go; specific scenes I’m going to try and let the characters flesh out to make it more organic. I’ve had a ton of trouble with my main heroine’s voice, but this time I feel like I understand her better!

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      1. Just accidentally deleted your comment, sorry! But, yes, I’m really trying to make the voice authentic, especially because I’m using third person with multiple narrators, and I want to make everyone’s motivations clear.


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