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Day 9: Stallions

“My heart is like a stallion, they love it more when it’s broken”                         -Fall Out Boy

She was frantic, heart pounding like a cornered stallion. It was dark, mostly, but the bursts of white light were so intense, they only increased her blindness. She felt her way across the floor, not even wanting to think what the thick, viscous liquid smeared across the rough wood was, but she knew. She could smell the blood as much as she could feel it. It was smeared across her face, matted in her hair, staining her clothes, staining her soul. She kept scrabbling for distance, for purchase, away. If there was one thing she had learned among the vampires, it was about the cancerous poison that a dark heart brought. It spread, turning those who had been good, who could be good, into agents of evil unrecognizable to their closest companions. Her pant leg was snagged by a nail, and she tore at it frantically, tears choking her. The light was keeping them down, she knew, much as it was keeping her down, but it gave her time. Time to abandon her mad dream, abandon he who had formerly been her brother, and crawl back to the shards of a life she no longer wanted.



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