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Day 7: Scansion

Inspired by how I felt as we learned about scansion in my Latin class today:

The words and sounds were calling forth new words and sounds. She could hear them, and they echoed and clamored for attention in her mind’s eye. Concept built upon concept until she felt as if she could see her brain, see the connections, concepts, thoughts, ideas, feelings all bottled up in a delicate web. Together, she knew, its tensile strength was stronger than steel; the power of her knowledge, focus, and talents combined into something that was her, an innate part of her personality, just like her fingerprint or her heartbeat. She wouldn’t exchange it, this map of her mind, this consciousness of her consciousness, and if she had it laid out before her, she could chart the red carpet of her thoughts.

She was afraid though; afraid of what she would be without it, afraid of her dependency. Fear fractures focus, so she turned her mind from the wonders of itself (such a strangely human trait, the ability to contemplate oneself) to the wonders of the world around her. Tomorrow’s problems would keep.

This became oddly personal.


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