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Day 3: Failure & a Poem

Well, it’s Sunday, and I confess I have no idea how to write something plot-driven. Honestly, I’m not even sure what I meant by that when I came up with this category; I just included it because I struggle with creating cohesive plots quickly before I write, which wastes time and causes pain. If anybody has any suggestions for how to develop this area, please comment and share! This is only failure if I don’t take my understanding of my weakness and work on this area in particular. I’ll substitute this week’s plot-driven piece with a bit of poetry.



Keys clicking,

Voices shouting-

Insistent, persistent-

Words a jumble in and out of ears,

In and out of thoughts

I should…

“We need to…”

What was I writing?

“Hand me that!”

How do

Other people’s words, other people’s lives

Take over our minds?



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