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Day 1: My New Year’s Resolution 

Happy New Year!

We all feel obligated to make New Year’s Resolutions, to acknowledge what went wrong in 2015 and attempt to fix it this year. These are generally frustrating, and people (read: me) aren’t very good at them, but I am resolved like never before for 2016.

I’m embarking on a challenge.

A new adventure, as it were.

I’m generally very time efficient, but when it comes to writing, I’m a major procrastinator. I make it excuses for why I haven’t written creatively in months because of school and other commitments. I end up feeling guilty, with plot bunnies and snatches of dialog or description drifting through my head like little wisps of clouds.

Therefore, in 2016 I resolve to write every single day. 366 times. To keep myself accountable, every single one of these writings will be posted to this blog.  I am a busy person, so most of these writings (especially during the week) will be short. A drabble, poem, scene, or description. I’ve come up with a tentative calendar for what kinds of writing I’ll do when. It’s not firmly settled, and if an idea doesn’t call to me or meet the time I do have available I won’t use it that day. But, to keep me inspired and yet bounded, here is the weekly schedule:

Monday: 50 word story- A short story of 50 words or less.

Tuesday: An historical fiction piece- My great aunt tells me fabulous stories about the old days, so every week after I talk to her I’ll write one down.

Wednesday: Description- A description of a setting, event, or character. These may often tie in with my novel.

Thursday: An Observation- I’ll take something I’ve seen or heard and write, then see what I get.

Friday: Reflection- An essay, like this one about my writing journey.

Saturday: Inspired Writing- Writing based on other work, such as a song, book, TV show, or movie

Sunday: Plot-Driven- These will be episodes from my novel as I work on outlining and the first draft. These I may not post but I’ll post about how they go!

These posts will be categorized by the type of writing, as well as under a general category for this challenge, so you, my readers, can explore what I’ve written thus far.

Honestly, this plan is kind of scaring me right now, but I want to create this year and work for my dreams. I am not anticipating perfection or complete success, but I want to make an effort. After all, that’s half the battle, right?

I hope my journey inspires you! Feel free to comment on my work and critique it, or drop by to tell me about your own writing!

Happy 2016, and good luck on those resolutions!

Keep Writing!



13 thoughts on “Day 1: My New Year’s Resolution 

  1. So I know this is a little bit of an older post, but I saw your tag “366 days of writing” above your other posts and I had to track back to the original post. First, I want to say that this is a huge goal! I also have this goal for the year and so far I have done great and posted every day. If I am not mistaken you have as well? Second I wanted to let you know that I found you because I am starting to work my way through the list of participants on the #AtoZChallenge, I want to visit everyone on the list so I am starting early. Lastly, good luck on both the A to Z Challenge and posting every day for the year! Cassie from Mommy, RN

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    1. Wow thank you so much! I have missed a few days here and there because of crazy life, but I’ve always made up those posts and back dated them. I went on about a 55 day run where I missed nothing though, which was awesome! I need to prep for the A to Z challenge! Good luck to you too!

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  2. I love this idea. Especially the Monday theme of flash fiction, I’m a big short fiction fan. There are so many amazing stories can be told in 500 pages, or in 500 words. I’m eager to read what you can come up with.

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